Established 1952

    Welcome to the Mohawk Soaring Club and the sport of soaring! Utilizing only the natural energy of the sun and wind, man can soar high above the mountains and lakes, combining aspects of adventure, awareness, beauty and serenity. You will discover that soaring never grows stale - that no two flights are ever the same. The endless variety of weather conditions and the ever changing clouds and atmosphere make each flight a totally new experience.

    The Mohawk Soaring Club has been providing training and sport flying since 1952. Flying from April through November, MSC offers prospective and experienced soaring pilots a pleasant atmosphere in which to enjoy soaring with the camaraderie of other pilots. For the student, MSC offers free instruction by FAA-certified instructors, and the learning experiences that come with being involved with other pilots. For experienced pilots, MSC offers flight in modern 2-place and single-place gliders at costs substantially below those of private ownership or flying with a commercial operator.

    The Club is an active group with all members required to contribute some time for operation of the Club, including flight line operation and routine maintenance.  The Club also has an Annual Awards Dinner, and encourages participation in outings to other area soaring sites.

Schedule of Operations
    The Mohawk Soaring Club has scheduled operations from April through November on weekends. Unofficial weekday operations are conducted on a unscheduled basis. Operations normally commence at 10 am and often continue to sundown. 

No more VFR-on-top for me! The Club's Fleet

Dues and Fees

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Directions to the Harriman & West Airport, North Adams, MA
The airport is located on route 2, 6/10 of a mile east of the Williamstown/North Adams line in the northwest corner of the state of Massachusetts.